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Kill, Baby… Kill! (1966)

Kill, Baby... Kill! (1966)

Eerie ! Horriffic !! Blood Curdling !!!

Mario Bava’s Kill, Baby… Kill is an eerie gothic ghost-story. A small Transylvanian village is haunted by the specter of a homicidal adolescent girl, believed to be “Melissa” the murdered daughter and vengeful ghost of Baroness Graps’, who wants to collect all of the souls of the hapless villagers. A creepy vision in white whose little-girl giggles become chilling as she randomly chooses her victims and sends them to their gory deaths. When a city coroner arrives to examine the latest victim in a long string of “suicides,” he discovers a town of deserted

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streets, suspicious and terrified townspeople, and a conspiracy of silence. The victims are being found with coins planted in their hearts. Bava sets a moody stage of empty streets blanketed nightly in a swirling mist and flooded with lights of red, blue, and green. He has created a film full of fear, terror, murder. You won’t find a lot of gore in Kill, Baby… Kill, but you do get a great eerie atmosphere and surprisingly enough, horror sex-icon Erica Blanc keeps her clothes on.

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The assistant director on Kill, Baby… Kill was Mario’s son Lamberto Bava, who later went on to become a filmmaker in his own right, with A Blade In The Dark, Demons and numerous other horror movies.

Also Known As:
Operation Fear, Curse of the Dead
85 min
Credited cast:
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart …. Dr. Paul Eswai
Erika Blanc …. Monica Schuftan
Fabienne Dali …. Ruth (the sorceress)
Piero Lulli …. Insp. Kruger
Luciano Catenacci …. Karl (the burgomeister) (as Max Lawrence)
Micaela Esdra …. Nadienne
Franca Dominici …. Martha
Giuseppe Addobbati …. Innkeeper
Mirella Pamphili …. Irena Hollander